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Search Engine Optimization

In order to truly make your SEO optimization plan a success, our SEO technicians need to gain a thorough understanding and background of your business; how it generates a profit, what its niche is, and which strategies you may or may not have pursued. Our discovery interview provides you with the opportunity to provide the needed information that will make your campaign a success. Additionally, you can ask those questions that have been on your mind regarding the types of changes that will be made to your site, when to expect results, how you can help maximize your campaign, and more.

Keyword Research

The keyword research process is the foundation to a successful SEO Optimization campaign. Our comprehensive keyword research process allows us to identify the following:

  • Targeted keywords that will produce the highest possible volume of traffic;
  • Keywords that your competitors are using to find success;
  • Important high traffic keywords your competitor doesn’t know about;
  • Newly emerging keywords based on new trends, products and services related to your website;
  • Keywords with high conversion rates to increase your return on investment.


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