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Our Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

mbAt Xtreme Solutions, we offer all our customers an unconditional money back guarantee. Whenever an order is placed at our site, you immediately qualify for the 100% money-back guarantee. As soon as you receive the designs we create for you on the basis of requirements provided by you, you have the option to either reject or accept the designs. Please note that we will, however, charge $5 for each concept we design for you. You will also be liable to pay the payment processing charges. Please also note that the request for refund can only be claimed before the request of final file formats.

sbAfter the request for final files is made, refund cannot be claimed. Refund policy is only applicable for the logo design service. For any other service or order like website design, stationery design, SEO, PPC or any additional service, the refund policy is not applicable. Moreover, refund policy is only applicable for one-time orders. This implicates if you are placing an order for second time for the same logo design, your order will not be entitled for refund policy. This refund policy is equally applicable for refund of the extra amount that is mistakenly charged.

Important Notifications:

  • In situation of double charging because of the processing error, you would immediately be refunded for applicable amount.
  • We don’t offer the money back guarantee for Website Design Services.
  • All refund claims and requests should be communicated to our support department. Xtreme Solutions, based on the breach of your user agreement reserves the right to approve/disapprove your request on the basis of an individual case.

Process to claim the refund

To guarantee the approval of your refund request, please ensure you meet the requirements given below:

Declare your refund specifying your concern by contacting us through any of the following four methods:

  • Account Area
  • Live Chat
  • Email

Our representative will attempt to resolve your issues by virtue of our revision policy without delay; otherwise, our refund department will send you a refund request approval form.

You will be bound to reject your designs including all initial and revised samples provide by us.

After the refund is made by us, your rights to the design or any other work would be possessed by Xtreme Solutions and you would not be allowed to present any version of the designs or work sent by us. This is also specified by us that;

As the rights of the design would now be transferred to the company, you are in agreement that you will have no right (indirect or direct) to use any content, work, product, media or any response, nor will you possess any ownership interest in or to the same.
In collaborative working with the Government Copyright Agencies, Xtreme Solutions would share Copyright Acquisition details for the refunded designs that would not allow the future reprocess or reuse of the designs as original work.

If you have any confusions, concerns or queries about our Money Back Guarantee, feel free to contact us.


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